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What is AK:SE ?
AK:SE serves to connect elite university students with professionals from distinguished startups and provide them with access to the best resources available.
Connect with other entrepreneurially minded students as well as industry professionals from all sectors
Exclusive Events
Attend startup oriented workshops and events to meet like-minded individuals who share similar passions and interests
Build relationships and get advice from leading industry professionals
Get Funded
Seize the opportunity to turn your projects and ideas into a reality through crowdfunding on AK:SE
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Connect with a community of entrepreneurs and see where your passions can take you.
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For the students, by the students
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With AK:SE, gain access to not only other student clubs but also the current leaders of the global startup ecosystem. We provide not only networking opportunities but also mentorship, internships, and professional development. No matter what stage you are as an entrepreneur, AK:SE will bring you and your ideas to new heights.